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PAN Algarve makes peace with Olhão Council and prepares for “close cooperation in the future”

After a brief moment of conflict between the two entities earlier this month after a series of misunderstandings surrounding a public Q&A session with the Mayor in December, PAN Algarve have met with the municipality of Olhão to discuss animal protection, and to reconcile their differences.

At the meeting, PAN was represented by District Commissioners Susana Santos, Paulo Baptista and Ricardo Cândido, as well as Alexandre Pereira, an Olhão citizen who has had a prominent role in the past few meetings of the Municipal Assembly.

At the meeting PAN representatives proposed the creation of a new Regulation on Protection of Animals being created by the Council with the political party’s aid, a proposal that was welcomed by the municipal executive they met with, represented by councilwoman Gracinda Rendeiro and municipal veterinarian Pedro Rego.

For Susana Santos, “any disagreement that has occurred in the past should serve as an incitement to a political future free from resentment and centered only on the supreme interest of the citizens”.

The district commissioner adds that “this meeting made it possible to build bridges towards cooperation in the future”.

Among the themes brought up by PAN Algarve at the meeting, what stands out is the refining of the municipality’s Capture-Sterilization-Return (CED) procedure for wild cats, the construction of the Official Animal Collection Centre of Olhão, the accommodation of wild cat colonies, and the promotion of awareness campaigns against the abandonment of animals.