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Online fraud: beware false messages from the Finanças Portal

ONLINE FRAUD: BEWARE FALSE MESSAGES FROM THE FINANÇAS PORTALThe Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority (AT) are warning about the circulation of fraudulent emails, allegedly coming from the Finanças Portal, requesting recipients to access malicious pages.

The frauduçent messages state that recipients have tax debts to move on to the execution phase and ask for a “link” to be clicked.

“The Tax and Customs Authority is aware that some taxpayers have received emails, allegedly coming from the Finance Portal , that contain an attachment with different names, including ‘PortaldasFinancas.pdf’ or ‘Finanças.pdf’”, reads the statement by the AT Portal of Finances.


“These messages are false and should be ignored. Its objective is to convince the recipient to access malicious pages by clicking on the suggested ‘links’”, clarifies the AT, adding that recipients SHOULD NOT open the attached file OR carry out the indicated operation.