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Olhão’s EN125 roundabout delayed due to legal problems

roundabout2To the unbridled joy of EN125 road users crawling through the slow-moving traffic of Olhão, a new roundabout is being created to ‘ease the pain’.

The Council remains determined to build the roundabout at the junction between Avenida D. João VI and the road north to Pechão.

There is a hitch, of course, as negotiations with one of the owners of the necessary land is said to have ‘stalled progress,’ as the land is owned by a company that has gone into liquidation.

Much of the area already is prepared for Olhão’s new wonder but the mayor now has stated that the roundabout may not be completed before the year end.

The current junction, equipped with traffic lights, remains one of the EN125’s main annoyances as locals wait for the Holy Grail of ‘the Olhão bypass,’ long considered an entirely fictional project despite being launched and re-launched as the political tide ebbs and flows.