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Olhão: Police seize drifting boat carrying six tons of hashish

OLHÃO: POLICE SEIZE DRIFTING BOAT CARRYING SIX TONS OF HASHISHAfter receiving an alert at around 10:45am yesterday morning, Maritime Police seized the crewless vessel loaded with hashish, drifting 10 km south of the island of Armona, in Olhão.

The speedboat was spotted by recreational fisherman about 5 nautical miles from land, caught in fishing nets. The local Maritime Police of Olhão and Tavira went to the scene, finding that the boat had no crew and had bales of hashish on board, apparently several tons.

The boat was towed to Faro pier, where the 180 bales were unloaded and weighed, totalling about 6.3 tons. The haul was handed over to the Judiciary Police.

“We don’t know if the boat was sailing alone, or if there were other boats of the same kind”, said the Maritime Police captain. 

Source https://postal.pt/