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Olhão: Deputy of the City Council office suspended after ‘pickaxe weilding’ incident.

OLHÃO: DEPUTY OF THE CITY COUNCIL OFFICE SUSPENDED AFTER 'PICKAXE WEILDING' INCIDENT.The deputy from the Olhão City Council’s office, Sérgio Viana, has been suspended after an alleged disagreement with a council worker, seemingly involving a pickaxe.

A video, posted on social media, shows the alleged discussion between the two men, the deputy of the City Council even raises what appears to be a pickaxe/axe towards the man, in addition to giving him a few shoves.

The Municipality has already reacted to the alleged altercation. In a statement, the Mayor of Olhão said that it was “through social media, that I became aware of an episode of a personal nature that occurred on the public road and involving the deputy of my office, Mr. Sérgio Viana, who opportunely informed me of his version of the facts’.

Mayor António Miguel Pina also adds that “although that same episode took place outside working hours , I gave instructions for the necessary investigations to be carried out for the full clarification of the case”.

As for the employee, he is also suspended from his job in the Municipality, pending the result of the enquiries.