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Olhão Council continues to modernise the old city

olhaomarketA public tender has been published in Diário da República for the ‘Requalification of Jardins Patrão Joaquim Lopes e Pescador Olhanense,’ the two riverside garden areas at either end of Olhão’s twin markets.

The contract is for a spend of €1,400,000 and is expected to take 480 days.

This marks another milestone in Olhão Council’s desire to reposition the city as a modern tourism destination.

Thankfully, the ‘doing up’ of the city does not yet include a reversion to the mayor’s historic city centre modernisation plans which firmly were rejected by locals and through an international petition.

The Council says that the work to remodel the gardens and market areas will, “be making the whole area more modern, multipurpose and, above all, pedestrians friendly.”
The current work to extend the restaurant pavement area along Avenida 5 de Outubro will be completed between May and June this year and the two gardens will be remodelled after the 2019 summer season.

For a ‘fly through,’ click this link: https://youtu.be/fg5bK9Zvoy0