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Home News Nurse acquitted of the death of Diogo Gonçalves wants compensation of 50,000 euros

Nurse acquitted of the death of Diogo Gonçalves wants compensation of 50,000 euros

Published on December 06, 2021

Nurse Mariana Fonseca, who was acquitted of the crime of murder and dismemberment of Diogo Gonçalves, wanted to return to her job at Hospital de Lagos.

According to the newspaper Correio da Manhã, “the administration of the hospital in Lagos did not allow it. They put her in a disciplinary process for unjustified absences, corresponding to the time she was imprisoned, and they did not pay her salary until she was fired”.

But Mariana appealed to the Labour Court, which was within her rights.

Correio da Manhã states, “The nurse who was sentenced to a suspended sentence of four years for desecration of a corpse, computer fraud and embezzlement will seek compensation of around 50 thousand euros from the hospital for her dismissal”.

In June last year, it was reported that the Public Ministry of Portimão filed an appeal against the judgment that acquitted one of the women suspected of killing Diogo Gonçalves, in 2020, for the crime of aggravated murder, alleging a “notorious error” in the assessment of the evidence by part of the Court.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office maintained that there was a notorious error in the Court’s assessment of the evidence and that, consequently, the acquitted defendant must be convicted in co-authorship with the other defendant in the crime of aggravated homicide.

Only Maria Malveiro, 21, had been convicted of aggravated homicide, with a single sentence of 25 years, while Mariana Fonseca was sentenced to four years in prison, remaining at liberty until the decision becomes final.

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