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NOS apologize for carrier service mishap, claiming voice and data service “are fully fixed”

NOS voice and data services “are now fully restored,” the telecom operator said today after a network failure this morning that caused service disruption.

“In the late morning of October 22nd, NOS reported a failure in its mobile network, which had an impact on customers in some areas of the country, namely on voice and data services,” says the operator in a statement, ensuring that “the services are now fully replenished”.

The company said, “NOS teams worked around the clock with their partners to quickly recover all functionality to minimize impact on their customers.”

The company says that “the causes that led to this serious incident will be investigated, the results of which will be known”.

The operator had activated contingency plans earlier today due to a failure in communications. In the morning, an official NOS source confirmed to Lusa that there was “a failure in its mobile network, impacting customers in some parts of the country, on voice and data services.”

NOS “regrets the inconvenience that may have been caused to affected customers,” the statement concludes.