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Non-profit association shows how it intends to help “revitalize Monchique”

Published on 10/10/2019

The Almargem Association, a non-profit association founded in Loulé, is set to present the actions they intend to be carried out under the project “Revitalize Monchique – Tourism as a Catalyst”, in a participatory session, on Friday, October 18th, at 4 pm. The session will take place at the headquarters of the Parish Council of Monchique.

The meeting will bring together businessmen, associations and the members of the local community. In addition to presenting the actions that will be taken by the association within the project, the session also intends to gather contributions for defining strategic places to implement new hiking paths, which were destroyed in the wildfires last year, “always with the objective of leveraging the local economy”.

The reinforcement of the network of walking routes, training for tourism professionals, and the beginning of a promotional campaign are only some of the initiatives that Almargem is set to present at the participatory session.

The project “Revitalize Monchique – Tourism as a Catalyst” aims to give “special focus to Nature Tourism in order to enhance the region after being affected by the 2018 fire”.

Those interested in participating in the session should register by email at [email protected], stating their name, entity (if applicable), place of residence and telephone contact.

This project is led by Algarve Tourism, which has partnered with the Almargem Association, the Algarve Tourism Association, and the Monchique City Council. They will get their funding from Turismo de Portugal under their RegFin program.