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New speed control radars will generate revenues of 13 million euros

Dr Photo - NEW SPEED CONTROL RADARS WILL GENERATE REVENUES OF 13 MILLION EUROSThe Government estimates that the acquisition of new speed control radars, planned for next year, will have an impact on revenues of around 13 million euros, according to the proposed State Budget for 2022.

“The investment in information and communication technology systems planned for the year 2022 will lead to a very significant increase in revenue, essentially through the expansion of the National Network for Automatic Speed ??Inspection (SINCRO), through the acquisition of new radars, which will have an impact on revenue of around 13 million euros,” says the document.

The proposal emphasises that investment in information and communication technology systems will also involve the development of the Traffic Administrative Offenses System (SCOT+), which will generate savings of around 2.4 million euros, through dematerialisation of the administrative procedure.

In the area dedicated to road safety, the Government intends to strengthen “inspection of the safety conditions of infrastructures and speed violations, through the expansion of the National Network for Automatic Speed ??Inspection”, with initiatives being developed to “increase the efficiency of the sector, namely in the survey of the occurrences of road accidents, in the administrative process”.

In 2022,  the execution of the National Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030, ‘Vision Zero 2030’, will continue. The project is said to be based on “the safe transport system and vision zero as fundamental structuring axes of the objectives and measures for prevention and fight against accidents in the road network to be established and implemented.”

“This strategy is in line with European and world road safety policies, with priority being given to the use of public transport and forms of sustainable mobility in urban areas”, stresses the proposal, adding that they will be developed in close coordination. with local authorities, plans and interventions for mobility and safety in road infrastructure, integrating and making the various means of transport and users compatible.

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