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New drone law – still impossible to comply

Published on 27/01/2019

Drone owners wishing to legalise their equipment in compliance with the decree-law requiring registration and insurance, which came into force on July 28 last year, have found out that this is impossible.

The electronic registration platform is not yet available despite the law making it compulsory to register drones of over 250 grammes and to have civil liability insurance for drones above 900 grammes.

“To date, no drone has been registered, as rerquired, because the electronic platform is not yet on-line.

The National Civil Aviation Authority said that as the law came in not too long ago, it was not inclined to make a comment but assured everyone that none of the sanctions available under the new law had been applied.

The Ministry of Planning and Infrastructures has been asked why the Government approved a law when the only way that it could be adhered to did not exist.