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Mystery bus braves the structurally unsound bridge at Praia de Faro

MYSTERY BUS BRAVES THE STRUCTURALLY UNSOUND BRIDGE AT PRAIA DE FAROIgnoring local signs, the bus from a private company was seen venturing across the bridge at Praia de Faro, which is prohibited due to the bridge’s structural weakness. VIDEO filmed by member of the public, Paulo Castro.

A spokesperson for the Faro GNR said that he had no information on what had happened, however, he added that all steps would be taken to investigate the case.

Use of the current Praia de Faro bridge by heavy vehicles is prohibited due to the weakness of the structure. The bridge is to be replaced by a new one, supposedly completed in the summer of 2023. However, the work needs to start by the end of this year, with no sign of beginning so far.

The investment is said to cost around five million euros, split between 3.5 million from the Câmara de Faro and a contribution of 1.5 million from Sociedade Polis Litoral Ria Formosa, SA.

The new bridge will be 180 metres long, with a deck 11 metres wide. The new deck will also allow public transport access to Faro beach, including two pedestrian walkways, one with a lane that allows pedestrian and cycling circulation.

Video by Paulo Castro


Source https://www.algarveprimeiro.com/