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Montechoro fatal stabbing – man arrested

inemThe Police have executed a warrant and arrested a 21-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of the fatal stabbing of a Cape Verdean at a popular bar in Montechoro, Albufeira.

According to the Police statement, “the crime occurred inside a night-time entertainment establishment (the Chor Bar) at dawn last Sunday.”

From the investigation already carried out, the Police said it had been possible to verify that the 31-year-old victim, “was attacked by the detainee with an illegal weapon, causing him injuries that led to his death which was confirmed at Faro hospital.”
The known detainee of the victim, 21 years of age and unemployed, has been up before the court and will be held in detention until his trial.

The victim was treated at the scene by Albufeira Bombeiros and an INEM emergency medical team. He was rushed to hospital but did not survive a deep stab wound to his chest.

The local Police studied video footage from the Chor Bar in Rua Vasco Santana, (below) and were able to identify the attacker.