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‘Minimum Services’ For Looming Fuel Strike

fuel strikeThe strike announced by National Hazardous Materials Drivers Union last month begins this weekend, Saturday 7th September. ANTRAM and the SNMMP have not reached an agreement on the definition of ‘minimum services’ for the upcoming strike, so it is now “up to the government to intervene” said the president of the SNMMP, Francisco São Bento.
The strike is set to take place between Saturday 7th and Sunday 22nd September, while dangerous goods drivers strike regarding pay for overtime, weekends and holidays.

According to the SNMMP, “the eight hours of work will be complied with” from Monday to Friday. With regard to airports it is claimed that “there will be no need for additional work, not on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, since they must be provided in the normal working hours,” said the union leader, quoted in the document.

The Portuguese authorities are committed to taking the necessary measures to minimize the impact of this situation and its inconveniences on society, so the strike is not expected to have any substantial impact on the tourist trade. However, Turismo de Portugal are advising the public to remain aware of the situation to avoid being “caught off guard” and experiencing difficulty refuelling their vehicles. Whenever possible, opt for public transport.

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