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Mandatory inspection of motorcycles starts in January 2022

MANDATORY INSPECTION OF MOTORCYCLES STARTS IN JANUARY 2022Mandatory inspection of motorcycles over 125cc will start in January 2022, when the deadline for changing European legislation in Portugal expires, almost 10 years after the measure was approved by the government.

“As of January 1st, 2022, all motorcycles 125 cubic centimeters and above will have to go to inspection.”said the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Jorge Delgado today.

The deadline for transposing a European directive that makes inspection mandatory ends on December 31st of this year. Therefore, as of January 1st, 2022, around 450,000 motorcycles will have to undergo mandatory periodic inspections. The legislation does not include two-wheeled vehicles with 50 cc.

“The decree-law is in the legislative process and will be approved by the council of ministers shortly,” said the secretary of state, in a statement to news agencies.

This change comes into effect almost 10 years after the government of Passos Coelho approved, in a decree-law, the mandatory inspection of motorcycles, which included tricycles and quadricycles with a cylinder capacity greater than 250 cc.

Consult the list of inspection centres throughout Portugal HERE.