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Man makes a lucky escape from his sinking car at Faro dock

MAN MAKES A LUCKY ESCAPE FROM HIS SINKING CAR AT FARO DOCKA driver made a fortunate escape from his car on Friday night, while trying to turn around on a ramp in Faro dock. His car suddenly became afloat. (see video)

The accident happened at around 9 pm, at the Faro Dock. The driver did not realise that there was water on the ramp and when trying to turn around, he entered the water. The gusts of wind and the tide are though to have made the water suddenly rise, causing the vehicle to float.

According to a member of the public who was nearby at the time, “fortunately, we were at the club delivering the certificates for the sailing courses for adults and we managed to help the man quickly, before the car sank. Everything went as smoothly as possible!” he continued, “the driver, from Viseu, has lived in the Algarve for many years. He got out of the car absolutely unscathed, with only wet feet. He was super happy, despite the circumstances, as he felt like he had been born again. Fortunately, this was a story that ended well!”

Faro’s Maritime Police have confirmed that the driver was unharmed, due to the help of people nearby who were able to rescue him quickly, before the car sank.

The vehicle was eventually removed with the help of firefighters from Faro.


Video shared by Luís Luz (DR)

Source https://postal.pt/