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Man in a coma after a hit and run on the EN125

Photo Dr -MAN IN A COMA AFTER A HIT AND RUN ON THE EN125António Rocha, aged 45 years old, is in intensive care in a very serious condition, after being run over while out running on the EN125, early on Tuesday morning.

Ricardo Mariano, António’s boss at Timing (human resources company), visited Faro Hospital to find out the condition of his colleague and offer support. After hearing of the severity of António’s condition, last night Ricardo made an appeal on social media to “anyone who has information, however small, about the accident in question, please contact us on 911 506 537 or 963 791 488”.

“I am grateful for the sharing, thank you very much. The ‘coward’ who fled has to be found and, in the area where this happened, someone will have seen this brutal act of António being run over”, he pleaded.

Visits are restricted to direct family members, so Mariano has appealed “for no one to call the hospital, as they have received many calls asking for more information on this matter and this disturbs the normal functioning of the unit”.

Major Abel Adriano of the GNR is investigating the hit and run, necessary procedures are underway so that the suspect and his vehicle are located. The case will be reported to the court.

According to Major Abel Adriano, the accident took place at 6:40 am on Tuesday, at the intersection of Praia do Cabeço on Estrada Nacional 125, Castro Marim. As the vehicle escaped, a cyclist was also left with very serious injuries.


Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/