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Man arrested in Faro for domestic violence in front of daughter

gnrlogoThe GNR in Faro detained a 48-year-old man who assaulted and threatened his former partner in front of her youngest daughter.

Faro’s GNS said that the man was arrested for domestic violence on Wednesday following an investigation by the Center for Investigation and Victim Support in Faro.

The GNR found that the suspect, “in the presence of his youngest daughter, aged 13, repeatedly assaulted, harassed and threatened the life his 45-year-old wife, as well as controlled all her movements, constantly pursuing her and not accepting the break up.”

The GNR applied for an arrest warrant, a search warrant and a vehicle search warrant. A homemade weapon, used to threaten the victim, was seized.

The suspect was detained and will be in court shortly to determine his pre-trial fate.