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‘Makes no sense to buy a diesel’ says Environment Minister

Published on 28/01/2019

“It will not make any sense to buy a diesel car,” said the Environment Minister, adding that, “It is very evident today that anyone who buys a diesel car, in four or five years its not going to have much trade-in value.”

João Pedro Matos Fernandes explained that the equivalent cost of buying an electric car will be very close and that, if it is charged at home, the price per kilometre is 15% of the cost of running a diesel.

The minister said he was not going to increase the current subsidy that electric cars attract, arguing that the €2,250 in subsidy for each new vehicle is pretty substantial.

At present, 4% of vehicles entering the light vehicle market are electric or hybrid, up from 0.7% four years ago.

Matos Fernandes said that the currently free vehicle charging points around the country will soon start to be ‘pay as you fill’.