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Loulé Carnival cancelled for the second year running

LOULÉ CARNIVAL CANCELLED FOR SECOND YEAR RUNNINGWith the emergence of the Ómicron variant that caused the number of infections to skyrocket on a global scale, “and given the proximity of the event , which does not allow for the timely planning of its programming”, Loulé council have announced the cancellation of the 2022 edition of the Loulé Carnival parade.

Despite this being the second consecutive year that the parade will not go out onto the street, the council are considering carrying out some ‘alternative initiatives’ that “strengthen the importance of this event, but do not jeopardise the health and safety of the public”.

Mayor of Loulé, Vítor Aleixo, said in a statement,  “Once again, we took this difficult decision, aware that this is the right path because Carnival is an event conducive to social contact, as it brings together an average of 70,000 visitors annually. This new variant is extremely contagious, which could certainly lead to an increase in the spread of the virus in the municipality of Loulé if we went ahead, something we want to avoid at all costs. By cancelling our parade, we prioritise the health of our community.”