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Loulé: 2.5 tons of invasive exotic plants removed from Ancão beach

Loulé: 2.5 tons of invasive exotic plants removed from Ancão beachAs part of the Forest Management Plan (PGF) of the land next to Ancão beach, Loulé, around 2.5 tons of invasive exotic plants have been removed in the last month and more than 1,000 new trees have been planted in their place.

LOULÉ: 2.5 TONS OF INVASIVE EXOTIC PLANTS REMOVED FROM ANCÃO BEACHThis is just a third of the stone pines and cork oaks that are planned to planted within the scope of the Forest Management Plan, which was presented on January 14th.

In addition to planting the trees, work has also started on the placement of structures to promote biodiversity in Ancão in a partnership with the Vita Nativa association, namely by fixing nest boxes to attract insectivorous birds and building wooden shelters for the wild rabbit, a species recently classified as “endangered”, in part due to the high mortality caused by a new strain of the viral hemorrhagic disease.

Wooden structures were also installed as a refuge and habitat for a high number of animals such as reptiles, micromammals and insects typical of forest environments. In the coming months, more of these structures and shelters will be installed throughout the area of land, including shelters for bats.

The main objective  of the Ancão Forest Management Plan is not only to enhance the space from an environmental and landscape point of view, but also to promote the conservation and recovery of biodiversity and preserve the landscape, reducing the danger of forest fires and soil erosion.