Home News Looking ahead: As lockdown eases, what will air travel be like in the coming months?

Looking ahead: As lockdown eases, what will air travel be like in the coming months?

Published on 06/05/2020

Aviation companies have been hit hard by the pandemic and the payback will be difficult. We will travel again, but there will surely be many changes in order to guarantee the rules of social distancing, travel etiquette, and hand hygiene, with the use of masks in closed environments. Although nothing is set in stone, we can look ahead to hypothesize what the most likely situation will be.

As countries control their situation internally, they will have to be aware that the danger does not only come from the inside. Thus, it is foreseeable that they will require a clinical evaluation on entry (fever testing and/or testing specifically for COVID-19) and/or quarantine for 14 days before being able to circulate freely.

In some cases where evaluation cannot be done on entry, countries will require you to bring a negative test result for COVID-19, refusing entry if you do not have a certificate proving that you are virus-free. The rule of frequent hand hygiene will also require vast quantities of disinfectant not only in bathrooms, but throughout various locations in airports.

The stigma of a sneeze will also lead many to be deterred from travelling with any flu-like symptoms, as if you cough or sneeze at an airport you are likely to be putting yourself at risk of looking rather scary to other travellers.

One positive that will come from the pandemic when travelling is that passengers will likely be more spaced out. For years we have all hoped to have more legroom, and to not have to share an armrest with our neighbour.

The social distancing allowance of two meters, together with hand hygiene, is key to controlling the epidemic. In addition to the rules, which will change, our behaviour at airports and on airplanes will be also fundamental for individual and collective protection.

What changes do you think we’ll see in airports across the world as lockdown is slowly lifted in some countries? We’re interested in seeing what you have to say.