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Lockdown Eases: Find out what you can start doing again

Dr Photo - LOCKDOWN EASES: FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN START DOING AGAINThe new state of emergency decree, published this weekend, comes with more openings than António Costa had said on Thursday, but almost all new exceptions come with a “but”. 

  • The inclusion of drinks in take-away allowed – meals, products or drinks must be delivered at the door of the establishment or in its surroundings;
  • The sale of alcoholic beverages from 8 pm until 6 am remains prohibited .
  • Hairdressers , barbers, beauty institutes open, but only by appointment;
  • Tattoo and bodypiercing centers also allowed to open;
  • Study centers are open but only for those who resume face-to-face classes.
  • Day centers remain closed;
  • However, visits to residential structures and other structures and reception responses are now authorised. As the decree says, authorized travel includes “visits to users of residential structures for the elderly and people with disabilities, integrated continuous care units of the National Integrated Care Network and other responses dedicated to elderly people” – but always “with observance the rules defined by the DGS, and assessment of the need to suspend them for a limited time and according to the specific epidemiological situation , in conjunction with the local health authority “;
  • Citizen offices remain closed, with on-site customer service by appointment;
  • It is no longer forbidden to visit parks, gardens, green spaces and leisure spaces, garden benches and the like, but mayors may prohibit it if there are groups (or the situation in the municipality requires it);
  • The ban on travel outside the continental territory is lifted , although the control of land and river borders remains;
  • General duty of ‘stay at home’ remains;
  • Armed forces can join tracking teams.


1 – Grocery stores, mini-markets, supermarkets and hypermarkets;
2 – Fruit shops, butchers, fishmongers and bakeries;
3 – Fairs and markets, under the terms of article 20;
4 – Agri-food production and distribution;
5 – Auctions;
6 – Catering, under the terms of the articles ( in take away or Home delivery );
7 – Electronic commerce activities, as well as service provision activities that are provided remotely, without contact with the public, or that develop their activity through an electronic platform;
8 – Medical services or other health and social support services;
9 – Pharmacies and places of sale of medicines not subject to medical prescription;
10 – Establishments of medical and orthopedic products;
11 – Opticians;
12 – Establishments of cosmetic and hygiene products;
13 – Establishments of natural and dietary products;
14 – Essential public services and respective repair and maintenance (water, electricity, natural gas and piped liquefied petroleum gases, electronic communications, postal services, wastewater collection and treatment service, wastewater collection and treatment services, wastewater services management of urban solid waste and urban hygiene and passenger transport service);
15 – Services authorized for the supply of water, the collection and treatment of waste water and / or waste generated within the scope of the activities or in the establishments referred to in this annex and in the authorized activities;
16 – Stationery and tobacconists (newspapers, tobacco);
17 – Social games;
18 – Veterinary medical care centers;
19 – Establishments for the sale of pet animals and food and feed;
20 – Establishments selling flowers, plants, seeds and fertilizers and chemical and biological phytosanitary products;
21 – Textile and fur washing and dry-cleaning establishments;
22 – Drugstores;
23 – Hardware stores and stores selling DIY material;
24 – Fuel filling stations and charging stations for electric vehicles;
25 – Establishments for the sale of fuels for domestic use;
26 – Commercial establishments for tractors and agricultural and industrial machinery, ships and vessels;
27 – Shops, maintenance and repair of bicycles, motor vehicles and motorcycles, tractors and agricultural and industrial machinery, ships and boats, as well as the sale of parts and accessories and towing services;
28 – Establishments for the sale and repair of household appliances, computer and communications equipment;
29 – Banking, financial and insurance services;
30 – Funeral and related activities;
31 – Home maintenance and repair services;
32 – Home security or surveillance services;
33 – Cleaning, disinfection, rat removal and similar activities;
34 – Home delivery services;
35 – Vending machines;
36 – Activity by itinerant sellers, for the provision of essential goods or other goods considered essential at the present juncture, in the locations where this activity, according to the decision of the municipality taken under paragraph 2 of article 19, is necessary to guarantee access to essential goods by the population;
37 – Activity of renting goods vehicles without a driver (rent-a-cargo);
38 – Activity of renting passenger vehicles without driver (rent-a-car);
39 – Provision of services for the execution or improvement of the Fuel Management Band Networks;
40 – Establishments selling irrigation material and equipment, as well as products related to winemaking, as well as material for accommodating fruits and vegetables;
41 – Establishments for the sale of plant protection products and biocides;
42 – Establishments for the sale of veterinary medicines;
43 – Establishments where medical services or other health and social support services are provided, namely hospitals, doctor’s offices and clinics, dental clinics and veterinary medical care centers with urgency, as well as the support services integrated in these places;
44 – Vehicle technical inspection centers, which can only operate by appointment;
45 – Hotels, tourist establishments and local accommodation establishments, as well as establishments guaranteeing student accommodation;
46 – Service provision activities that include highways, namely service areas and fuel filling stations;
47 – Fuel filling stations not covered by the previous number and charging stations for electric vehicles;
48 – Establishments located inside airports located on the continental territory, after checking the security of passengers;
49 – Canteens or cafeterias that are in regular operation;
50 – Other collective catering units whose catering services are provided under a contract of continuous execution;
51 – Notaries;
52 – Hairdressing salons, barbers and beauty institutes, by appointment;
53 – Retail establishments for books and musical supports;
54 – Real estate brokerage services;
55 – Activities and establishments listed in the previous numbers, even if integrated into shopping centers.


1 – recreational activities, leisure and fun:
Discotheques, bars and dance or party halls;
Amusement parks and recreational and similar parks for children;
Water parks and zoos, without prejudice to workers’ access for the purpose of caring for animals;
Any places for leisure sports;
Other locations or facilities similar to the previous ones.

2 – cultural and artistic activities:
Museums, monuments, palaces and archaeological or similar sites (interpretive centers, caves, etc.), national, regional and municipal, public or private, without prejudice to the access of workers for the purposes of conservation and security;
Bullfighting squares, places and facilities;
Art galleries and exhibition halls;
Congress pavilions, multipurpose rooms, conference rooms and multipurpose pavilions.

3 – educational and training activities:
Centers of study or tutoring, except for the levels of education whose activity has resumed;
Language schools, driving schools and exam centers;
Dance and music establishments.

4 – The following sports facilities, except for professional sports and treated:
Football, rugby and similar fields;
Pavilions or enclosed spaces;
Futsal, basketball, handball, volleyball, roller hockey and similar pavilions;
Firing ranges;
Tennis courts, padel courts and the like;
Skating rinks, ice hockey and the like;
Boxing rings, martial arts and the like;
Permanent circuits for motorcycles, automobiles and the like;
Racecourses and similar tracks;
Multisport pavilions;
Gymnasiums and gyms;
Athletics tracks;
Golf courses.

5 – Activities in open spaces, public spaces and private roads or spaces and roads treated as public roads:
Cycling, motorcycling, motoring and similar routes, except for professional and similar sports;
Nautical events and exhibitions;
Aeronautical tests and exhibitions;
Parades and popular festivals or folkloric or other manifestations of any nature.

6 – Spaces of games and bets:
Gambling establishments, such as bingo or similar;
Amusement equipment and the like;
Game rooms and recreational rooms.

7 – Restaurant activities:
Restaurants and similar, cafeterias, tea houses and the like, under the terms of the articles (except for take-away and home delivery);
Bars and the like;
Hotel bars and restaurants, except for delivery to guests’ rooms (room service) or for the provision of meals or products packaged at the door of hotels (take-away), pursuant to articles 17, 24 and 26. , with the necessary adaptations;
Areas of food and beverage consumption (food-courts) of commercial complexes, without prejudice to take-away and home delivery.

8 – Spa and spas or similar establishments.


March 15th
• Nurseries, pre-school and 1st cycle (and ATLs for the same ages);
• Trade at the door;
• Hairdressers, manicurists and the like;
• Bookstores, car trade and real estate mediation;
• Libraries and archives.

April 5th
• 2nd and 3rd cycles (and ATLs for the same ages);
• Social facilities in the area of ??disability;
• Day centers;
• Museums, monuments, palaces, art galleries and the like;
• Stores up to 200 m2 with a door to the street;
• Fairs and non-food markets (by municipal decision);
• Terraces (max. 4 people);
• Low-risk sports modalities;
• Outdoor physical activity for up to 4 people and gyms without group classes.

April 19th
• Secondary education;
• University education;
• On-site training activities;
• Cinemas, theaters, auditoriums, theaters;
• Citizen stores with face-to-face service by appointment;
• All stores and shopping centers;
• Restaurants, cafes and pastry shops (max. 4 people or 6 on terraces) until 10 pm or 1 pm on weekends and holidays;
• Medium-risk sports modalities;
• Outdoor physical activity for up to 6 people and gyms without group classes;
• Outdoor events with reduced capacity;
• Weddings and baptisms with a 25% capacity.

May 3rd
• Restaurants, cafes and pastry shops (max. 6 people or 10 on terraces) with no time limit;
• All sports modalities;
• Outdoor physical activity and gyms;
• Large outdoor and indoor events with reduced capacity;
• Weddings and baptisms with 50% capacity.

• Telework, whenever possible;
• Opening hours: 9:00 pm during the week; 1 pm at weekends and holidays or 7 pm for food retail;
• Prohibition of circulation between municipalities on 20-21 / 03 and from 26/03 to 5/04 (Easter).

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