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Local restaurateurs protest lack of virus rules, with just seven days left before they can reopen

34restaurant rules“The National Association of Restaurants is extremely concerned about the lack of disclosure of hygiene and safety rules within the scope of COVID-19. It is incomprehensible that within a week (seven working days) of the restaurant spaces opening, hygiene and safety rules for the sector are still not known ”, reads today a statement by PRO.VAR.

On April 30th, PRO.VAR had already complained that security measures to combat the virus should be tested “in a practically real context” before the restaurants reopen to ensure they function properly, with the aim of rectifying any error before they open on the 18th of May.

Today, PRO.VAR warns that the remaining time is “too short” to ensure the operation of the establishments with the changes that will be required by the Government. According to the association, the Government is “finalizing the documents with the competent entities” so that the guidelines and normative measures for the catering sector are known, which are of the responsibility of the Directorate-General for Health, Authority for Working Conditions, and Food and Economic Security Authority.

“PRO.VAR appeals to all entities involved to be quick in completing the process” and requests to see the final document “before it becomes public”, so that they can observe and seek a final consensus. The restauranteurs also call for “Clean & Safe” sign that can be displayed by companies proven to be adhering to the set regulations. ?

In the contingency plan for the resumption of the nation’s catering sector on May 18th, the association has so far recommended, for example, that customers stick to safe distances away from other households, and that they disinfect their hands at the entrance of the restaurant.

Measuring body temperature, carrying out COVID-19 tests on workers every 15 days and regularly “disinfecting tables” and chairs after customers leave are other measures that PRO.VAR proposed to the Government for the sector.