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Lisbon airport closed after TAP aircraft malfunctions

Published on 05/03/2019

An orange alert closed Lisbon airport today after a TAP flight that had left for Bologna had to return due to a ‘technical malfunction.’

The flight, with 154 passengers on board, was forced to return to Lisbon and forced the temporary closure of airspace.

TAP stated that a technical anomaly registered after take-off, which caused TP872 flight to return to Humberto Delgado airport.

According to the same source, there was already, “another plane ready to take the passengers to their destination.”

A source from Aeroportos de Portugal, the airport management company, said that the situation forced the closing of the runway for 23 minutes, “as a consequence of an orange alert issued by the crew on the TP872,” and that the airspace was closed.

“The landing happened at 13:59 and the runway was reopened at 14.22, and the airport is now fully operational,” the company said.

ANA’s source also said that as a result of the closure of the airport, the arrival of eleven flights was delayed and another five were diverted to Porto.