Home News Lagos private hospital opens doors to national health hospital virus patients

Lagos private hospital opens doors to national health hospital virus patients

Published on 18/03/2020

In order to help face the COVID-19 pandemic on a unified front, and to collaborate with the National Health System, specifically in the Algarve region, the HPA Healthcare Group will be preparing its Lagos hospital unit – the São Gonçalo Hospital- to receive infected patients who require internment.

The hospital’s availability in cooperating with national health services has already been communicated to the Director-General of Health as a way of relieving the burden on institutions and professionals in the public sector, the Group also mentioned other proposals for the remaining private hospitals it has under its win in the Algarve.

“We want to collaborate in this national effort to contain the pandemic and mitigate all its effects”, says the HPA Group. At this time, the São Gonçalo Hospital of Lagos will be dedicated to COVID-19 patients, with the availability of 14 isolation rooms and four intensive care posts.

The group’s communication office said that “due to its location, this unit will complement the National Health Service (SNS) response in the western Algarve, allowing the forwarding of suspected cases in this area and those identified in the emergency rooms of the other units of the HPA Group”.

The HPA Healthcare Group had already announced its contingency plan last week, having installed screening units throughout its hospitals for epidemiological screening and temperature measurement, as well as regulations and procedures in case of contagion.

For this purpose, mobile isolation and containment units and advanced medical posts were installed outside the hospital to support advanced life support in required cases. At the same time, the HPA Healthcare Group currently has a plan in place to make the possibility of teleconsultations viable.

“We cannot let people feel abandoned, as they are already sufficiently frightened by this whole situation. That is why we have to provide ourselves with options that allow us to accompany people, namely chronic patients, patients in need of therapeutic surveillance and everyone who needs us for other reasons. All efforts count. It is imperative that everyone focus on the essential: fighting this pandemic”, concludes the statement from the HPA Group.