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Lagos Council launches campaign to promote dog and cat sterilization

Published on 11/09/2019

Lagos City Council is promoting a new campaign to promote the sterilization of domestic dogs and cats. “It is a program for dogs and cats whose owners are residents in the municipality of Lagos and who are unable to afford the surgical sterilization procedures, namely beneficiaries of the Social Insertion Income (RSI), Solidarity Supplement for the Elderly ( CSI) and other economic support structures that are duly substantiated”, explains the council.

According to the program access rules approved at a recent Executive meeting, the campaign includes animals that are electronically identified, have a health bulletin with updated anti-rabies vaccine, and valid license issued by the parish council of the owner’s area of ??residence. Each household may enter a maximum of two pets (dogs or cats).

Interested parties have until the 30th of September to submit their application, and may do so at the Municipal Council of Lagos Town Council, the Kennel/Municipal Cattery, and the individual Parish Councils of their area of ??residence. The Council guarantees that “it will fully cover the costs of the surgical procedures until the money available for this campaign is exhausted. “

Owners are only responsible for the prescribed medication and protective collars. This campaign materialized at a City Council meeting last April, proposing a way for owners with socioeconomic difficulties to be able to seek these surgical procedures for their pets.

The campaign aims to reduce the rate of uncontrolled births, abandonment of animals, and the death by accident on public roads. This is also to reduce pressure on local shelters and kennels, which are suffering in order to cope with current numbers.

In order to carry out the operation veterinary medical services were contracted in the amount of 15 thousand euros, in order to create the technical conditions for performing the preventive surgeries.

Moreover, the Municipal Kennel regularly promotes the sterilization of the animals that are in its premises for adoption. The recognition that this practice has advantages, not only in terms of public health, but also from the point of view of animal welfare and health, is embodied in the aforementioned program managed by the Directorate-General for Food and Veterinary services, through which the State provides financial support for the implementation of sterilization interventions for domestic dogs and cats, to which municipalities and other entities may apply.

The support is non-refundable, and each municipality can receive up to 15 thousand euros.