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Lagoa’s 12 Million Euro Urban Rehabilitation Program is approved

LAGOA'S 12 MILLION EURO URBAN REHABILITATION PROGRAM IS APPROVEDLagoa Municipal Council have approved a 12 million euro Strategic Program for Urban Rehabilitation (PERU) in the city, aiming to “safeguard and enhance the heritage, through sustainable rehabilitation.”

“Recognition of the existing exceptional heritage, increase the resident population and levels of housing comfort and strengthening cohesion and community values, promoting diversity, inclusion and economic sustainability, as well as improving mobility and environmental sustainability with the aim of increasing community resilience,” are all included in the plan.

With a predicted execution period of 10 years (2021-2031), the city of Lagoa foresees an investment of more than 12 million euros, in the creation and rehabilitation of equipment and public space, but also in the creation of (public) housing through acquisition and rehabilitation of vacant properties and ruined buildings.

This Municipal Program implements article 75 of the Legal Regime for Urban Rehabilitation (RJRU), which allows municipalities to grant themselves financial support rehabilitation, carried out within the scope of the ORU.

This is an incentive with a dual function, not only rehabilitation of the area but also the “creation of opportunities” of work for designers, companies and entrepreneurs linked to civil construction.
The reduction and exemption of urban fees is also foreseen, with the reduction of fees related to the licensing of building works, a reduction in the value of fees for the issuance of Licenses or Admission of Prior Communication for buildings with renewable production systems, reduction in the value of the IMI for buildings intended for housing with a renewable production system, applicable to photovoltaic panels for self-consumption, central heating systems and geothermal heat pumps for air conditioning, and even incentives for the creation of private access charging points, for charging electric vehicles.

The approved documentation is available for consultation on the Municipality’s website.