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Lagoa and Carvoeiro dog poo and registration initiative

Published on 21/03/2019

The Lagoa and Carvoeiro parish council union is encouraging dog owners to register their hounds by offering owners a free poo bag dispenser, as well as a torch to enable the nighttime uplift of excrement.

Joaquim João Paulo, the president of the Parish union, has reminded owners that it is a legal obligation to have their dogs registered and that he is offering free registration this year plus the free gifts.

Owners who already have registered their dogs this year can have the free gifts as well.

The parish council union is distributing leaflets and posting information on billboards to publicise the initiative.

“In this parish, there are 580 dogs registered, but in reality there are many more to register,” explains Joaquim Paulo, adding that, “Current law insists on the registration of dogs and the fines for non-registration are very high.”

The fines are between €50 and €3,740 for individuals and the annual charge for registration a small amount per animal.