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Judiciary Police searches Montepio banks over suspected fraud and money laundering

The Judiciary Police (PJ) has been carrying out searches at Banco Montepio, throughout the association’s headquarters, and at homes and smaller associated businesses. The searches are being done under the pretence of the alleged crimes of qualified fraud, money laundering, and qualified tax fraud.

In an operation overseen by the Lisbon Department of Criminal Investigation and Prosecution, the National Anti-Corruption Unit of the PJ is conducting 15 searches in “Banking Institutions, at an association’s registered office, in households and corporate headquarters”, says the prosecutor in a statement.

“The initiative is focused on a set of clients of financial institutions and their entities, with the purpose of gathering evidence regarding banking transactions carried out by clients between 2011 and 2014, as well as documentation related to these transactions,” the statement said. In addition to members of the PJ, also present were expert researchers and consultants of the Portuguese Tax Administration and Banco de Portugal.

“These proceedings are being chaired by 4 ICT judges from Lisbon and Amadora, accompanied by 4 Prosecutors of the Republic of the DIAP of Lisbon, 90 members of the Judiciary Police, 4 members of the Tax Authority and 6 members of the Bank of Portugal”, adds still the Public Ministry spokesperson.