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Judgement of 3 former Mayors postponed until September

Luís Gomes, Conceição Cabrita and António Murta- DR PHOTOSThe judgment on the dispute over ownership of a 560 square meter plot of land in Monte Gordo, which pits the Vila Real de Sto António and António Aguilar Councils against each other, was scheduled for yesterday. However, none of the 3 witnesses turned up, so it has been postponed until 10th September.

Neither Luís Gomes nor the other two former Mayors, Conceição Cabrita and António Murta , were present, as they were not notified in time, but they are all indicated as witnesses in this case, and should be notified shortly.

Luís Gomes said that, as president, he was not linked to this particular case and denied that he was involved.

Dr Photos - Plot marked in yellow with 560 square meters, whose litigation dates back to 2001He also underlined that the newspapers made a mistake in putting him as a witness in a case for which “up to now” he was not notified, but “I will go without any problem if I am summoned”.

However, according to the minutes of the preliminary hearing of the parties, the names of Luís Gomes and Conceição Cabrita are indicated as witnesses, to which the name of António Murta is also added .

“A delay by the Court led to the non-notification of witnesses in a case that also included two employees of the Vila Real de Santo António City Council and a head of the Casa do Artista”, said a source interviewed by Postal newspaper.
The same source added that the notifications will now go to the witnesses, with the exception of the employees of the municipality, who were already heard today.

This case involves a plot of 560 square meters included in the land of about five thousand m2 in Monte Gordo, which was at the origin of Operation Triângulo.

The ownership of this smallest lot is being argued between the Câmara de VRSA and António Aguilar, in a case that has been going on for about twenty years.

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/