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Informative signs installed in pilot area of ??European project in Algarve

INFORMATIVE SIGNS INSTALLED IN PILOT AREA OF ??EUROPEAN PROJECT IN ALGARVEThe popular Algarve green area of the Aldeia Nova trail and the route from Vila Real de Santo António to Monte Gordo have been improved improved with the placement of new signs.

The National Forest of the Coastal Dunes (Mata Nacional das Dunas Litorais) of Vila Real de Santo António has information panels about paths and endangered species, as part of a European project to create sustainable activities in natural areas, the promoters announced today.

The green space, located in the district of Faro, was chosen to be the pilot area in Portugal of the European project “INHERIT – Sustainable Tourism Strategies to Conserve and Enhance the Mediterranean and Maritime Natural Heritage”, which has 15 partners in 10 countries and is managed nationally by the Mértola Heritage Development Association (ADPM), which has now announced the completion of this phase of the project.

As a pilot area in Portugal, the National Forest of the Coastal Dunes of Vila Real de Santo António has a set of conservation and promotion actions underway to “be able to receive an INHERITURA Area seal given by a technical commission created by the Project INHERIT, which aims to promote areas where the protection of the natural heritage represents an asset to develop sustainable tourist activities “, said the ADPM in a statement.

The Heritage Defense Association of Mértola, a town that already belongs to the district of Beja, stated that during this action “seven panels with a map and one about the chameleon, an endangered species that must be preserved by visitors, were installed, with the collaboration of the Vila Real de Santo António City Council” .

“2-path totems – made with recycled materials, resistant to the sun and easily replaceable” were also placed, providing “information on the spot” to “inform tourists about the environmental interest” of the green area and “about the different services in that location”, such as“ parking lots, picnic areas, camping sites ”, said the ADPM.

“This initiative was a joint effort by the Institute for Nature and Forest Conservation, the Odiana Association [Baixo Guadiana development association created by the municipalities of Vila Real de Santo António, Castro Marim and Alcoutim] and the Municipality of Vila Real de Santo António and promoted by ADPM with the support of the European protection INHERIT, financed by the INTERREG MED program of the European Union ”.

“The INHERIT project is a program that has many areas of intervention, but which in the European Mediterranean focuses very much on tourism and aims to reconcile and enhance the issues relating to natural heritage and sustainability in European coastal and maritime tourist destinations in the Mediterranean”, said to Lusa Fernanda Silva, ADPM technician, when the forest was chosen as the pilot area of ??the project in Portugal, last April.

ADPM, created 40 years ago, is one of the “oldest in Portugal in terms of development associations” and was chosen by the Greek European coordinator of the project to manage in Portugal due to her experience, which started with cultural heritage, it expanded to other aspects, such as natural or tourism, and later expanded to other areas of the country and to countries such as Mozambique or Cape Verde.