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Infected nurse was forced to work ten days in a contaminated home

Photo by DR Photo - INFECTED NURSE WAS FORCED TO WORK TEN DAYS IN A CONTAMINATED HOMENurse Susana Poeta, who is infected with the new coronavirus, reported on social media this weekend that she was “forced” to work “without being able to leave”, in a nursing home in Ourém.

They did “the covid test and it was positive for all residents, employees and employers”, warned the only nurse who worked every day and, exhausted, launching a request for help on social networks.

In desperation, she published a request for help yesterday morning in a group of nurses on Facebook, which generated so much outrage thats he ended up, on the same day, finally returning home.

Susana Poeta says in the publication that tests were carried out on residents and professionals of the institution, whose result turned out to be positive. Despite this, she remained at work for 10 days.

“I just took the test today [14th November], I was always asymptomatic, and the colleague told me that if the test is positive again, I will have to stay another ten days in the institution without being able to leave, as I have been doing since the 4th of I am exhausted at the moment, I am the only nurse, I worked every day “, reported the health professional, stressing that over the last ten days she monitored the temperatures and symptoms of infected users day and night. “I have hardly slept for ten days,” she complained.

“Will I be forced to stay another ten days at the institution? I’m taking care of people, and who takes care of me?”, asked Susana Poeta.

Outraged by the situation, the President of the Order of Nurses, Ana Rita Cavaco, said yesterday “a little warning to the delegate of health of this area and to the home of the Sénior Geração de Elite home in Ourém.  Let this Nurse leave immediately, fulfilling the guidelines from the DGS which is very clear – positives don’t work – or you will have a criminal complaint for kidnapping”.

About an hour after the warning, Ana Rita Cavaco informed that nurse Susana was already at home and thanked the prompt support shown on social networks.

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