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Imminent closure of all schools and universities expected

School closures imminentThe decision “is not formally made” but what is on the table is the immediate closure of the entire education system, including universities, starting this Friday. The final decision is still “subject to analysis of details” and will be “eventually taken this Thursday in the Council of Ministers”.

It has been suggested that the Government is debating whether the school calendar can be adjusted with this decision, possibly extending the summer term for a period similar to that of the closure. The Executive’s concern with the need for students not to miss classroom time remains untouched – only that political pressure has risen a lot in a few days for a total closure of the country, limiting all possible movement and so lessening possible contamination.

This Wednesday night, the Minister of Health gave an interview to Portuguese TV channel RTP where she stressed that “the situation has changed, it has worsened”, and for that reason she admitted the need for the immediate closure of schools. On a different TV channel, the President of the Republic reacted immediately: “It is a good solution”, he said in an interview to Porto Canal. 

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/