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IKEA tests out furniture rental

ikea2A test is being carried out in Switzerland which may pave the way for IKEA stores to stat renting out their stock.

Office furniture and kitchens are the first categories to be tested as a rental products and, according to Ikea Portugal, “new solutions are being explored in the initial stages of testing,” choosing not to deny of confirm that the scheme would be rolled out across Portugal.

“When the rental period is over, the customer returns the product it and can be exchanged for another item,” said Torkejorn Loof, leader of Inter Ikea, owner of the Ikea brand.

Instead of dumping the rented articles, they will be returned to Ikea, who can sell them as a second-hand item, thus extending the product life cycle.

The experience in Switzerland will be the first in a series of national tests

The CEO of Inter Ikea says the new rental scheme fits into the company’s effort to integrate its business into the circular economy, a model in which retailed products are reused.