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Hunter accidentally shot by another hunter

HUNTER ACCIDENTALLY SHOT BY ANOTHER HUNTERA 66-year-old hunter suffered serious injuries yesterday when he was shot accidentally by another hunter, in Ourique.

The alert for the alleged hunting accident was sent to firefighters at 1:21 pm on Sunday afternoon, who rescued the man by the roundabout in Santa Luzia, the District Command of Relief Operations (CDOS) of Beja explained to the Lusa agency.

The man suffered serious injuries to his body caused by the shooting and was transported by firefighters to the hospital in Beja.

A source from the GNR’s Beja Territorial Command told Lusa news agency that the injured man, who according to reports made to the GNR, was hit by a shot which ricocheted from another man’s shotgun, is “under observation” at the hospital.

It is alleged that the hunter “fired a shot, but he hit some rocks, it ricocheted and hit the victim, another hunter.”