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HPA Saúde Group signs partnership with Taviclínica in Tavira

HPA SAÚDE GROUP SIGNS PARTNERSHIP WITH TAVICLÍNICA IN TAVIRAYesterday, the private healthcare group HPA Saúde officially signed a collaboration agreement with Taviclínica Médica, in Tavira.

Taviclínic has been part of the HPA Saúde Group’s network of partners for many years, but now both parties have agreed to establish this relationship in a more formal way, says the communication office of Hospital Particular in the Algarve.

This collaboration aims to ensure that “the HPA Group provides Taviclínica with a greater range of specialties and services, more suited to the needs of the population of Tavira, namely by making available the comprehensive and differentiated hospital resources that the Group has in the Algarve”, explains the HPA.

“We believe that these partnerships provide closer care, safer care, especially for these populations that live further away from large urban centers and, with that, we promote more and better health. In addition to Taviclínica’s patients having more efficient and faster access to our hospitals, they can do so daily, 24 hours a day, through our urgent care services”, says the HPA.

The HPA Group is the health group with the greatest expression and differentiation in the Algarve, having the exclusivity of some services in the region in terms of private health, such as intensive care, maternity, neonatal intensive care, nuclear medicine, among others.

The collaboration protocol was signed by Jean Pierre Rancher as managing partner of Taviclínica and by João Bacalhau, chairman of the Board of Directors of the HPA Saúde Group.