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Hit-and-runs on increase: Portugal registers over 1000 a year

accident125Statistics for ‘hit-and-run’ road traffic incidents are increasing. Suddenly, Portugal is registering over 1000 such incidents a year – to huge detriment of victims left to pay the damages no matter whose fault the accidents may have been . Explain reports, without ‘two parties’ involved, there can be no compensation via the Automobile Guarantee Fund – set up to compensate drivers in accidents where one or more parties have no insurance.

The only safety net for drivers can be if they have fully comprehensive insurance, and even then they will find their premiums substantially increased the following year.

According to figures from the national road safety authority, this new tendency started taking hold a few years ago. But was only in 2018 that incidents topped the 1000-mark.

Say reports, in 2018 authorities started registering an average of three hit-and-runs per day.

In the first four months of this year, there have already been 336.

Said a police source, many of these incidents are “motivated by alcohol and the lack of valid insurance”.



News item published with thanks to the Portugal Resident