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Government releases new Telephone Translation Service for foreigners In Portugal

NEW Telephone Translation Service For Foreigners In PortugalThe High Commission for Migration (ACM) has created a much needed Telephone Translation Service for non Portuguese speaking foreigners in Portugal. The service is designed to overcome the language barrier when foreigners are seeking help at one of the official services in Portugal. 
Difficulties in communicating with staff at official offices such as Câmara’s, Finanças, IMTT and SEF is said to be one of the great challenges experienced by immigrants in Portugal.

The Telephone Translation Service (STT) offers a database of 60 translators/interpreters that fluently speak, besides Portuguese, one or more languages, and is aimed at Portuguese speakers / foreigners who need to communicate with foreigners and Portuguese citizens / entities.

The service is available free of charge (the customer only pays for the phone call) every working day between 9:00am and 7:00pm, through the Support Line.

From a landline call 808 257 257 (call cost is the same as a local call).

From a mobile call +351 218 106 191.

For more information on how to use this service, plus the languages and dialects available please visit https://www.acm.gov.pt/-/servico-de-traducao-telefonica