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Government advertises for 1,264 Doctors – 32 for the Algarve

doctorpaedoThe government has opened a tender to hire 1,264 doctors in general and family medicine, public health and for the nation’s hospitals, in an effort to fill, “the largest number of vacancies ever.”

The vacancies for newly-qualified doctors, published on Thursday in the Diário da República, totals 1,264 jobs, of which 398 for family doctors, 13 in the public health area and 853 in hospitals.

“In line with the work being done by the Government to improve the level of access to health care, this programme will make it possible to reduce the shortages, both in areas with greater demographic pressure and in services that are farther away from areas,” reads a Health Ministry statement.

The Regional Health Administration (ARS) of Lisbon and Vale do Tejo has the highest number of vacancies (209), followed by ARS Norte (61), ARS Centro (54), ARS Alentejo (42) and ARS Algarve (32 ).

According to the statement, the ministries of Health and Finance, “will allow the strengthening of the various services and establishments in the NHS with highly qualified professionals.”

With the exception of the filling of jobs that require specific specialities, which comes under the various Regional Health Administrations, the contest is already open to fill the vacancies. Those interested are encouraged to present their applications within a period of five working days from Friday 17th May.

Doctors in ghe specialist areas advertised and who arfe not already employed by the State, may apply.