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GNR to carry out speed control operation across the country

GNR TO CARRY OUT SPEED CONTROL OPERATION ACROSS THE COUNTRYThe GNR will carry out “Operation RoadPol – Speed”, from midnight Monday 21st March until Sunday 27th, an inspection and speed control operation throughout the country.

This operation is aimed at speed control, throughout the mainland, carrying out inspections on the most critical roads and where there is a greater accident rate and violation of speed limits.

“We intend to promote a safer road environment through simultaneous intervention on the main causes of accidents, thus seeking to positively influence drivers, leading them to adopt behaviors that favour safe driving at the expense of risky behaviors, such as speeding,” said the GNR in a statement.

The operation is within the scope of the annual planning carried out by RoadPol – an organisation that was established by the traffic polices of Europe, with the purpose of improving road safety and law enforcement on the roads – of which the GNR became a member at the end of 2021.

In the 2020-2022 strategy, RoadPol established four areas of action within the scope of road safety: roads, vehicles, users and speed.

In 2021, the GNR recorded 69,186 accidents, of which at least 3,564 accidents were caused by excessive speed or speeding.

Regarding speed inspection, the GNR recorded 142,721 infractions. on Portuguese roads last year.