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GNR saves 85 refugees as part of EU mission in the Mediterranean Sea

The Coastal Control Unit, through military personnel deployed on Samos Island and Chios Island in the Aegean Sea as part of a European Border and Coast Guard Agency mission on the 20th October, detected and rescued 85 migrants just northeast of Samos Island.

Whilst patrolling this area of the Mediterranean Sea, the GNR military officers detected a rubber boat, 3 nautical miles from the coast, about 6 meters long and overcrowded. Immediately, the GNR intercepted the vessel, rescuing 42 people, including 9 children, 15 women, and 18 men.

It should be noted that during transportation, food and water were distributed as migrants showed signs of poor hydration. During the rescue, the migrants were placed on the Portuguese vessel and safely transported to Vathy Harbor. They were then handed over to the Greek authorities.

Within hours of this rescue, which occurred south of the island of Chios, another vessel was detected by the GNR’s Thermal Vision Vehicle team, and another 43 refugees were rescued, including 13 children, 13 women, and 18 men, who were safely transported to the port of Chios and were later handed over to the Greek authorities.

Immediate medical assistance was also provided to all migrants with minor injuries. In this year alone, so far, the GNR has carried out more than 1020 patrols as part of this EU mission, which corresponds to over 6250 hours of engagement, detecting 255 vessels and assisting approximately 2560 migrants.