Home News GNR identifies over 3,000 vulnerable elderly in the Algarve

GNR identifies over 3,000 vulnerable elderly in the Algarve

Published on 09/01/2019

The GNR’s annual Senior Census operation, that identifies and helps elderly and vulnerable people, has registered 3,165 people living alone, in isolated properties and/or in vulnerable situations.

The GNR guards are especially alert for those with physical or psychological problems that could put their safety at risk.

Up and down the country, 45,563 people have been registered and, for those who clearly needed help, reports have been passed on to the relevant agencies including social support whose staff will follow up.

The operation is designed to help vulnerable people and the guards leave a personal contact number for use in emergencies. People also are warned what to do in the case of being burgled or attacked, rare instances but best to have some guidelines.

Operation “Senior Census” first was rolled out in 2011 and the GNR reports that it has been building an increasingly complete geographic database, “thus providing better support to our elderly population.

“This certainly has contributed, on the one hand, to the creation of a climate of greater trust and empathy between the elderly and the GNR and, on the other hand, has boosted effective security measures and increased their sense of security.”