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Gamble pays off – Amaral re-elected as Castro Marim’s mayor

castromarimviewThe former Mayor of Castro Marim, Francisco Amaral, forced a local election by resigning in February, in the hope that he would be relected in June with a resounding majority.

Amaral’s gamble paid off and he has been elected as the new President of Castro Marim Council for the second time, but now with the power to get things done.

Last Sunday’s  ballot boxes showed a clear victory over the Socialist Party and CDU and Amaral now has a crucial three councilors out of five that make up the executive.

Francisco Amaral said that the local people had realised that not much was getting done around the Council area as he had been hampered by the being in a minority position in the executive, despite being mayor.

Amaral long had complained that the balance of power in the Council executive was such that he was thwarted at every step taken when wanting to get things done. He blamed an opposition cabal of, “destroying and boycotting the work of the executive, so sees it necessary to let the people decide, hoping for an absolute majority so he can function without undue hindrance.”

This is over and Amaral’s plans and initiatives can be signed off without the often senseless interference from unhelpful opposition Councillors.