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Fuel prices may reach close to €3 per litre

FUEL PRICES MAY REACH CLOSE TO €3 PER LITREThe CEO of fuel company PRIO, Pedro Morais Leitão, predicts that the price of fuel could reach almost €3 per litre by the end of 2022.

PRIO is one of the first companies to suspend business with Russia.  The rise in fuel prices may be here to last and with a tendency to break records that were unthinkable until recently. Fuel companies do not rule out the worst predictions.

PRIO’s CEO assures  the public that neither the state nor the gas stations are profiting from the crisis, caused by the war in Ukraine.

Fuel prices suffered a new and brutal increase this Monday, March 14th to the highest ever. The price of diesel rose by more than 13 cents and gasoline by more than 9 cents. These prices ??have already been dampened by a tax decrease decreed by the Government, but drivers say it is not enough.

In many filling stations, diesel and gasoline are already way above€2 per litre.

To mitigate the constant rises, the Government have increased the AUTOvoucher benefit amount from €5 euros to €20 euros until the end of March, but have already confirmed that they will not hesitate to take further measures to curb the impact of fuel prices.

What is AUTOvoucher?

In view of the increase in fuel prices and its impact on the income of citizens and families, the Government decided to grant financial support (“AUTOvoucher”) for consumption of fuel at gas stations, from November 2021 to March 2022, for a total of 10 cents per litre of fuel (50 litres/month, totalling €5).

During the month of March, there has been an increase in this benefit from €5 to €20.

How does the March extra benefit work?
In March, a total benefit will be awarded for the current month, in the amount of €20.

For new subscribers in March, a benefit of €20 will be credited to the AUTOvoucher balance;
For members prior to March, an extra benefit will be credited to the AUTOvoucher balance, up to €20 for March.

How does the refund work?
The consumer makes the full payment at a participating gas station, using an eligible card. The available AUTOvoucher balance will be refunded to the bank account associated with the Consumer’s NIF.

For more information, and to subscribe visit https://www.ivaucher.pt/