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Fuel prices in Portugal rise AGAIN!

FUEL PRICES IN PORTUGAL RISE AGAIN!Fuel prices will increase again as of today. The climb is around three cents per litre, both on diesel and petrol.

The most recent bulletin on fuels from the European Commission shows that Portugal is 6th position in the ranking of the most expensive fuels, above the European average and more expensive than that of neighbouring country, Spain.

The increase in fuel prices will be around 3.5 cents per litre for gasoline, three cents for diesel and seven cents for LPG vehicles.

Since the beginning of the year, the increase in Unleaded 95 has already been around 30 cents per litre. In the case of diesel, the increase has been around 25 cents per litre.

Filling the tank with 60 litres of petrol will now cost 18 Euros more than at the beginning of the year for unleaded petrol users. If you use diesel, the it will be 15 Euros more expensive than it was in January. 

Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/