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Freak wave flips fishing boat off Portimão

wavesRoughA three-meter wave flipped over a fishing boat with three people on board, off the coast near Portimão early this monring.

The crew members were rescued and taken to hospital with signs of hypothermia.

The ‘Foz do Arade’ fishing boat was five kilometres southwest of Portimão, when it was hit by a three-meter wave. The crew managed to send out an SOS at 4:34am.

The Search and Rescue Coordination Center alerted the Navy, a lifeboat, nearby fishing vessels and an Air Force helicopter.

The lifeboat, with the help of the Navy, detected the vessel at around 6:00 am and the three crewmembers were rescued.

The crew, who all showed signs of hypothermia, were delivered to Portimão marina and then taken to Portimão hospital.



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