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Four Brits attack GNR in Vilamoura

CM TV DR PHOTOS - Four Brits attack GNR in Vilamoura. Four British men beat and threw two GNR soldiers into the swimming pool of a hotel in Vilamoura in the early hours of Sunday.

The two GNR officers intervened as the group tried to enter the Vilamoura Casino without a protective face mask and so were stopped by the security guard. They fled to the car park and made their way in to a restricted area of ??the Villa Galé hotel.

According to reports, the GNR said the British “threatened us with death, attacked us with punches, kicks and even chairs.” One of the soldiers was even thrown into the pool, and every time he tried to get back to the surface, he was pushed down and kicked in the head. The violence only ended when the GNR officers colleague pulled his gun and fired three times”.

One soldier had a broken hand, the other had wounds all over his body.  Two of the aggressors were detained, but they were released on an Identity and Residence Term, without having to go in front of a judge and have already returned to England. The other two fled and were not caught.


Original article available in Portuguese at http://postal.pt/