Home News Former Loulé beer factory undergoing 60 million euro transformation into movie studios

Former Loulé beer factory undergoing 60 million euro transformation into movie studios

Published on 26/02/2020

The former beer factory of Unicer, now the Super Bock Group, in the Industrial Zone of Loulé, will be transformed into film and audio-visual studios, in an investment of 60 million euros made by two British entities.

The objective, explains Loulé Council, is to create a “complex that is seen as a national, European, and even worldwide reference in capturing important productions in the area of ??the entertainment industry».

It is a project developed in partnership between MovieBox and Landsdowne Capital Partners, which has been accompanied, step by step, by Loulé City Council via the Loulé Film Office.

The enterprise will be installed in the place of the former Unicer beer factory, close to the Loulé Industrial Zone, and will integrate film and television studios, a streaming platform that will develop new content, and will also serve as the “home” of many independent producers so that, from here, they can promote their work worldwide.

The factory, which closed in 2008, was responsible for 7% of Unicer’s beer production.

“This is a project on a global scale that will put Loulé on the route of major film and television productions and, as such, we have been at the side of investors since the beginning. We believe that the creation of this complex will be a decisive moment and a turning point in the diversification and dynamization of the region’s economy, in line with projects underway in other areas and which have our municipality as a stage, as is the case of ABC Loulé Active Life Health and Research, with regard to health, or the Cultural Quarter, in the area of ??culture,”says Mayor Vítor Aleixo.

On the other hand, the Mayor highlighted the variety of jobs that will be generated with this investment.

“There will be atleast 300 new direct jobs created, in addition to the thousands that, indirectly, will be created in the set-up term. This is one of the components of the project that makes us most satisfied, because there will be many Louletans who will immediately benefit from the project”, explains Vìtor Aleixo.

“Therefore, all the conditions are in place for Loulé to reinforce its role as a catalyst for investment, leveraging the regional economy as a pioneer in the national context in yet another area based on the creative and entertainment industries”, concludes the Mayor.