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Fire guts historic building in central Faro

fireA property in central Faro, inhabited by homeless people, was on fire from 8.30 pm on Monday with dozens of firemen battling the flames that soon had burst through the roof.

The fire, in the property located at the end of Rua Rector Teixeira Guedes, next to the court, this evening was being tackled by 25 firemen, supported by ten vehicles.

There will be little left of the inside of the property which has external tiles and a sizeable garden.

The Public Security Police cut off the road, one of the entries to the center of Faro from the old Olhão road.

Flames lit up the night sky as smoke billowed across the city.

The property is said to be the haunt of drug addicts and a refuge for the city’s many homeless. The cause of the blaze has yet to be determined but it was extinguished by 22.10 with no reports of injuries.